Vision Statement

At our non-profit organization, we have a vision for strong, flourishing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, where families and individuals are empowered through social, economic, and cultural development. We are committed to preserving our traditions, advocating for our rights and well-being.

Mission Statement

Our non-profit organization envisions a strong and empowered Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, where cultural traditions are celebrated and preserved, and individuals have access to opportunities that promote their well-being. We are committed to promoting social, economic, and cultural development through direct action programs and community-level investments, such as access to education, healthcare, employment, and other services that support our community. Through our work, we aim to build partnerships with government and other organizations, advocating for policies and programs that uphold our rights, promote equality, and address the challenges facing our community. Our goal is to create a future where all Australians can live together in harmony and mutual respect, while preserving the unique culture and heritage of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community.

The Yumpla Nerkep Foundation is an indigenous managed Public Benevolent Institute. We are a community supported charity, with corporate and private donors contributing their time, energy and finances to achieve our Vision.

We firmly believe that Indigenous Australians and their communities can thrive. Prosperity can be achieved through active participation in the economy via employment and enterprise ownership. To experience maximal health and well-being, we must have access to the necessary resources to care for our country and ourselves. Celebrating and sharing our unique culture through Song, Dance, Ceremony and Story is vital to the continuation of our custodianship.


OUR Officials

Anthony (Tony) Ghee

Anthony (Tony) Ghee


Tony was the first Torres Strait Islander ‘Judge’ to convene a district court hearing.

He has been an elected Torres Strait Councillor, Qld Education Program Manager, Solution Broker for the Indigenous Coordination Centre. Program Manager for KYC (Kids, Youth & Community).

An excellent musician, Tony is heavily involved in the production of ‘Strait from the Strait’ an Opera
Queensland co-production that will debut in theatres late 2023.

Sahsha (Sah) Ghee

Sahsha (Sah) Ghee


Singer/songwriter/musician/mentor sums up this talented young man. Sah is a First Nation live performer of Torres Strait Island and Aboriginal descent. He has 20 years experience in performing and touring, not only in Australia but internationally.

Sah Ghee runs cultural workshops and mentorships for up and coming Australian artists of all ages.

Sah has a particular interest in developing First Nation youth to achieve their goals and dreams particularly in the music and entertainment industry.


We have already established the Louise Ghee Scholarships in Heath Care which has seen its first student working her way through her Nursing Degree. Her eventual goal is to be a part of implementing upstream interventions on preventing non-communicable diseases from passing on to newer generations within the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations.

In her own words ‘With my qualification and working throughout the Torres Strait and Cape, I hope to inspire and encourage the upcoming generation, to take up training as a health worker and to do further studies to become a health professional.’


One of our major projects, in conjunction with Opera Queensland, is the musical ‘Straight from the Strait’. Telling the story of Torres Strait islanders who left the islands to work on Queensland railways, then onto West Australian Rail to open the mines; where the tracklayers later broke a world record that made global headlines.

The show is in development and will premiere at the Brisbane Festival on the 28th of August 2024. This production not only showcases Torres Strait Island music and culture, but it also provides employment for an all First Nation cast, giving them exposure to the industry and potential long term career prospects within it.



Part of our ‘Bridging the Gap’ between worlds, we are having direct input into a number of Cultural Heritage training programs with major corporations and their employees. This training, delivered to corporate employees across the state, will include both in-class and on-land components led by First Nation trainers from their applicable lands.

We are also looking at other initiatives including developing culturally appropriate small business concepts that derive both financial and health benefits to their communities.